You can take a horse to the water..

but you can’t quite make it drink..

Lovely quote. As I’m realizing with quotes, every quote works well in a particular context. It’s only when you feel the need for a particular quote do you fully understand the magic.

When I look for quotes every morning from the little repository I’ve made up, it all depends on the mood. Sometimes I’m looking for some inspiration, sometimes its just laughs.. but there is a quote for every day, every situation..

Today’s quote is ‘You can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink’

The big reason is that I’m really beginning to see why happiness is classified as internal. You could be in the middle of a hell-hole, yet happiness is a choice.. we choose to be happy, or not. I am of the point of view that things are well, as they are. There’s not much you can do about the big things.. can’t change what the economy looks like, can’t change tragedies that have taken place but we can definitely change little things in our life by just making conscious choices – consciously choosing to smile, to be happy..

It’s funny how I often notice that a lot of the most optimistic people around me, most expressive people have had some sort of serious tragedy/tough ongoing problem in their lives that they’ve learnt from. Not always the case though.. there are some who choose to be the potato in hot water, and crumble, others who harden and become cynical and finally some who, like the coffee bean, decide to adapt and change the hot water situation in itself..

Happiness is a choice. We’re always making a choice to be happy, or not. There’s no end to things to be sad about.. At any given time, every one of us has dung of some form thrown right at our faces..

Some complain about the stench, others use it as fuel and fertilizer..

It’s all a choice, really..

The Big Idea โ€” Playing to Win

โ€œThe first thing I did was commit to my success and playing to win. I swore I would focus and not even consider leaving this business until I was a millionaire or more. This was radically different from my previous efforts, where, because I always thought short-term, I would constantly get side-tracked by either good opportunities or when things got tough.โ€ ~ T. Harv Eker from Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind

I love that. Are you playing not to lose? Thereโ€™s a HUGE difference between playing a game trying not to lose and playing the game to WIN.

Oneโ€™s a lot more fun. And, a lot more likely to lead to success. Yah?

Letโ€™s play to win. Commit (!!!) to creating the results you care about and look beyond the short-term struggles (there will be, as you know, a LOT of struggles, so quit being surprised by them ๐Ÿ™‚ to the joy of manifesting your ideal life.

Thanks Brian Johnson

Featured Song: Last Kiss by Pearl Jam

Now, while I wish ‘featured’ meant Pearl Jam was paying me to feature this song, I thought the song deserved to be featured on merit.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

First things first, here is the link of the song.

If you’ve heard it and not really caught the lyrics, then here is the version with lyrics.

The reason for the wait is that the mood of the song can be very deceptive. If heard without watching for the lyrics, the song can be thought to be a nice melody..

But, the lyrics changes everything..

It is the matter of fact manner in which the song is sung that captured me. The pain in the voice is concealed for a good part, but still very evident…

Loved it! ๐Ÿ™‚

From Disorganized to Organized..

It’s 5AM in the morning IST. Here is an attempt at switching schedule from fully nocturnal to more human-like. And it has started with a feeling of being completely disorganized and one of nothing being in control.

I’m not sure if this is a common one, but it is one I feel from time to time when everything around seems to be in disorder and no work gets done anyway..

So, I’ve decided to put down a 3 steps to get from disorganized to organized..

1) Clean your workspace/area. Nothing like getting the surrounding/environemtn all perked up first..

2) Write down all the things bothering you at the moment. Writing over typing as writing is neuro-muscular i.e. helps our brain think better..

3) Make a to-do list of simple next steps, make a simple priority list based on importance and get chugging with something small..

So, here goes..