Football frenzy in Kerala..

Photo courtesy Sandhya Aunt.. who was describing the number of hoardings that have been put up by groups of people supporting their favorite international team.

*Kerala is the southernmost state in India – for the uninitiated.

Imagine what it would like if India made it.. whenever that is! 😀

In less than 24 hours then.. 😀

To Sam Kutty Sir, Subramaniam Sir and Balaguru Sir..

Just as I finished up a great 2 odd hours of football followed by a bout of the usual delicious lime juice, I was thinking about Mom’s remark of exercise being torture. (She feels so strongly about it that she wrote a poem about it here).

I just realized that I had 3 PT Teachers to thank – Sam Kutty Sir and Subramaniam Sir at DAV Mogappair and Balaguru Sir at DAV Gopalapuram for always always encouraging us to play. There were times in both schools when the teachers were not keen, the weather may not have been the best, the principals were against letting us out.. but they made sure they fought for us just for us to get out.. and play!

That made a huge difference because we spent the best part of our school days on the field playing.. And I remember Sam Kutty Sir telling me many a time that the right amount of play in a day would mean a much better ability to focus and concentrate on work. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy‘ after all.. And what was great was that all these teachers made sure we kept up the habits – playing throughout..

It’s something I’ve taken forward into university and thanks to them, I love sport. I may not be anywhere near professional.. but it’s been a nice learning curve these 4 years with football, and tennis of late.

Long may it continue.

To all those looking to lose some weight with exercise, I’m hoping you don’t lose hope on day 1.

Going down to the ground to play football with a new (unknown) bunch works like this –

1) First, you join them. The first couple of days is just spent running. It’s unlikely you’ll get too many passes (trust etc..) but you’ll run.. and you may just come back disheartened.

2) Slowly, you’ll make friends and suddenly you’ll have a couple who’ll connect with you..

3) Before long, you’ll be invited to all their games and you’ll HATE missing even a day of football.

It works the same with all exercise. Like anything, it’s a challenge at first and then you can’t do without it!

On further thought, I also realize that my grandmom was immensely supportive of any play even if it meant walking in with the white school shirt and shorts brown and wet – which also happened many a time.. That helped too.. 😀

Rest in Peace little one..

Today, a friend of a friend passed away. She’d been admitted to the hospital with very high fever and passed away after complications. She was 8..

Many are wiped out from this planet every day..
Some due to illness, some due to terrorism, some due to political antagonism..
We, however, are most affected when we know or are connected to the person in some way or another..
The closer we are, the more affected we are..

The past few days have exposed me to many a tough situation around me..
People who are braving cancer, loss, among others..
Being not a stranger to loss, I can empathize..
But, pain brings with it lessons of different kinds, to different people..
Some live the rest of live in regret..
Some others decide life is not worth living..
Some lose their faith in God..

I just hope, with time, that everyone around helps those in pain to remember that life is a gift..

Because, it is.. it really is..
As hard as it may be to remember this fact in a tough time..
The fact that we’re breathing means we ain’t dead..
And the fact that we ain’t dead means we can do something with our lives..
Make a difference..
Change the world..
Make a dent..

It’s never too late..

To make the most of our time on this planet is not a choice..
not an option..
not just ‘one way of looking at things‘ ..
It’s our duty..

Here’s to life.. the greatest gift we have ever received..

And here’s to the little one who reminded me of thus..
May your soul rest in peace.. I’m praying for your family..