Another interesting bunch of days..

Just when it was most unexpected, life threw up another whole bunch of incidents.

I think I learnt a few valuable things –

-> Happy I went with my gut of not rushing into a decision/judgement. I’m still not feeling pushed or rushed, disappointed yes.. but pushed or rushed, no.

-> Things go wrong all at once and sometimes we miss the good things. Today, to take my mind off things, I decided to head over to the gaming arcade and right at a minor junction, our two wheeler’s tyre got a flat! Now, luckily we managed to stay balanced and were left wondering how this happened when I thought..

It’s so lucky that the flat happened –
1) At a minor junction so we didn’t get hit..
2) At a minor junction with not too many cars
3) When we were driving straight rather than turning as we might have fallen off…
4) At some other place with big trucks (hypothetical on sunday afternoon, but you never know) and we could have gotten hit..

Thank god it happened when it did. I like to think my luck turned right from that moment..

-> It didn’t quite, things still went wrong.. but I was happy to be lucky on the flat! (Exaggerated as it may seem, happy to be alive) 😀

-> Was an interesting time getting our flat repaired by an old old mechanic. He charged an exorbitant fee for the pump and shrugged – ‘It’s sunday, what can you expect?’..

All in all, it’s been a rather forgettable 3-4 days. It gets worse before it gets better people say..

Here’s hoping..

The Big Idea – 6 Human Needs

This is from an excellent Tony Robbins talk. Nice to have this summarized by Brian Johnson..

Tony likes to say we have six fundamental needs. The needs for 1. Consistency; 2. Inconsistency; 3. Significance; 4. Connection/Love; 5. Growth; 6. Contribution.

Now, all of these needs are present and important. The question that’ll shape our destiny is, which are our top needs?!?

Is it Consistency? If this runs the show, we’re afraid of change and can’t dare to take a new step.

Is it Inconsistency? If so, we need to always be at the edge and can’t relax.

Is it Significance? If so, we’ve gotta look good at all times and impress the world.

Is it Connection/Love? If so, we need to feel connected and loved above all else and may sacrifice our authentic selves if turned up too high.

Is it Growth? If so, we need to feel the sense of expansion and evolution into our highest selves.

Is it Contribution? If so, we need to feel that we’re giving our greatest gifts in the greatest service to the world.

Again, we want to work with and master all of these, but what’s running your show these days? In your most freaked out moments? In your highest moments? The ideal two or three to lead the show? Growth, Contribution and Love. Lead with those and then the rest will flow…

“Who will you have to become to achieve all you want?” ~ Tony Robbins

Challenges and struggles..

It’s been a rather long 24 hours.

The first part was great – up all night with a friend trying to understand views on insecurity, life etc..

-> I learnt that I see a big difference between being aware about a problem and accepting a problem. In my book, that’s like the difference between thinking and execution as change comes only after we accept something..

The next parts not so. After a couple of hours of sleep, I was woken up to seeming crisis calls and here were a couple of struggles –

-> ‘Hear both sides before judging‘ – This is soo difficult! Especially when one side is a near and dear one telling you plainly and explicitly that there is a problem with the other. I tried, though, to live up to this. Not sure what the result will be (as it is likely that the near and dear ones are absolutely right), but atleast I had a taste of how difficult it is to this..

-> View a problem as it is – This was the other factor I was struggling with. This is sometime so difficult. Take a friend who has missed an appointment. Now, that is a problem as you lost 2 hours of time.. the reason it becomes worse in our heads is because we think back and look at all his past faults and find someway to link them all together and that’s when the trouble begins..

Not easy to view something in isolation. I tried..

Also amazing how things cascaded –

-> Went for noodle lunch to meet with a friend. Was already irritable as I went late, ended up losing my cool with a watchman who was annoying me about parking space..

-> And surprise surprise, I landed up with a stomach upset..

Interesting day, it was! Lots of take aways. As far as the crisis situation goes, tomorrow will shed more light as to the outcome. That is bound to be interesting as well..